GOP Governor slams Trump for his trade war that is crippling her state: He's 'driving a lot of family businesses out of business'
Kristi Noem -- Facebook

In an interview with Politico, GOP Gov. Kristi Noem (SD) took a shot at President Donald Trump for starting a trade war with China that is devastating farmers in her state.

According to the Republican governor, agriculture is a major part of her state's economy, and the farmers are hurting with many feeling they will lose their family farms.

“South Dakota has been devastated by the trade wars that are going on,” Noem explained adding that the woes of farmers affect "every main street business, everybody that has another entity out there that relies on a successful ag industry.”

“I have consistently been an advocate for wrapping up these trade discussions and making sure we’re getting access to better markets,” she continued, before adding, "The problem is that this has gone on now for a long period of time."

"Farmers are used to risk, they’re used to prices going up and down and having that, but this sustained low commodity prices, frankly, is driving a lot of family businesses out of business," she elaborated. "That is why we need to have some serious consideration for wrapping this up quickly.”

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