'Mayhem for the sake of mayhem': Ex-Trump aide says schedule leak shows total contempt for the president
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former White House aide Cliff Sims on Tuesday decried the leak of President Donald Trump's private schedules, which show that he spends as much as 60 percent of his day watching television and making phone calls to friends.

Sims, whose recently published book "Team of Vipers" depicts a chaotic White House beset by constant infighting, said that the leak of Trump's schedules was done solely to portray the president as lazy.

"Who knows how they did it, the sheer amount of effort that went into it showed the malicious intent behind a leak like this," he said, referring to the person who uploaded all of Trump's schedules and managed to send them to Axios without getting caught. "I think it's wrong and disgraceful and right for there to be a bipartisan outcry... some things are sacred. The man is president of the United States."

Sims then argued that, unlike some past leaks that were designed to influence the president's policy decision making, this leak seemed designed solely to inflict pain.

"This is mayhem nor the sake of mayhem," he said. "I can't make sense of the purpose of a leak like this other than to try to present him as not working hard."

Watch the video below.