Michigan pro-Trump rally draws 50 wall supporters: ‘Minorities are being used by Communists for political gain’
Jazmine Early at rally -- via Facebook

According to a report in the News-Herald, a Michigan rally to support President Donald Trump and his drive for a border wall drew slightly over 50 participants on Saturday who held up signs and waved flags on the street fronting a local mall.

Sporting signs that read “Secure Our Border” and “Build the Wall 2019," the smattering of Trump fans showed up for the event organized by Jazmine Early, a member of the Sterling Heights/Utica Republicans, with support from the Michigan Trump Republicans organization.

Speaking with the News-Herald, participants expressed dismay at what they believe is an alien invasion coming across the border far to their south, with organizer Early -- who came into the U.S. from Columbia in 2000 -- saying, “The people coming here illegally are building blocks for Communists. It hurts me that minorities are being used by Communists for political gain.”

A similar rally was held last month in Bloomfield Hills, organized by a group calling itself “Women for the Wall,”  drew approximately 300 rally-goers.

In an interview, Patty McMurray, co-founder of Michigan 100 Percent Fed Up claimed, "People who don’t want the wall think we’re racist. That’s not true. The only thing we want is for people who come here to do it legally and be thoroughly vetted.”

According to the report, "Rob Cortis of Livonia drove his 2004 GMC Yukon to pull his 'Trump Unity Bridge' trailer to the event. Decorated with large white letters that spell 'Build The Wall' plus numerous pro-Trump messages and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. The trailer, which measures 41 feet long from front to the ends of flag poles attached to the end carry the Stars & Stripes, was parked as patriotic music was played. Cortis said he visited the contiguous 48 states in the Yukon and trailer during the 2016 presidential campaign."

Trump supporter Brian Pannebecker isn't sure that the president will be able to get his border wall funding, but also doesn't believe that Trump will subject the country to another shut down such as the one that just lasted 35 days.

“I don’t think there’s any way in hell Donald Trump will shut down the government again. He learned his lesson,” said Pannebecker, who heads up Autoworkers for Trump 2020. "He’ll have to compromise or declare a national emergency.”

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