Mueller wants to know who actually owns Israeli firm that wanted to help Trump game social media
Robert Mueller testifies before Congress (screengrab)

An obscure Swiss company has come under scrutiny for its ties to Psy Group, a tech firm that created a social media manipulation strategy aimed at getting Donald Trump elected president.

Former employees of the now-defunct Psy Group were interviewed in 2017 by FBI agents seeking information about the company's business and ownership structure, which turned out to be more complicated than it appeared, reported The Daily Beast.

Sources told the website that they had believed the company was owned by Joel Zamel, an Australian with ties to Israeli intelligence, but the financial structure actually linked through offshore entities registered in the British Virgin Islands to the Zurich-based financial services group called Salix Services AG.

Financial documents obtained by The Daily Beast appear to show a relationship between Salix and at least one of the companies that owned Psy Group.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has been examining Salix as part of a sprawling investigation into 2016 election interference by Russia and other foreign entities.