White House officials are worried and angry about the leak of President Donald Trump's private schedule, which shows hours of daily "executive time" spent watching TV and chatting with friends.

A source leaked 95 pages of the president's schedule from the last three months to Axios, and the website reached out to several former and current White House insiders to compile a list of the leaks that troubled Trump officials most.

Axios listed 10 leaks in chronological order, based on conversations with those insiders.

The leaks began early in the administration, and then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to crack down in late February 2017 with random checks of White House staffers.

Then a leak of Trump's schedule for his first foreign trip roiled the White House in early May 2017, because it came as the staff had "all the top reporters" sequestered in the Roosevelt Room to tell them about it.

Trump's "shrinking schedule" was leaked the first week of January last year, which was the first time outsiders heard of his unstructured "executive time."

Administration officials also were infuriated by the leaks of stories about Trump referring to "sh*thole countries" in January 2018, and when a staffer mocked Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in May 2018 because he was "dying" from cancer.

The top 10 list does not include an anonymous op-ed written by a senior Trump administration official and published by the New York Times.

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