All six 'Trump Place' buildings have removed the president's name since his election
President Donald Trump giving a speech at Trump Tower (image via screengrab).

The last of six residential buildings called "Trump Place" has removed the president's name after its owners voted to do so.

The president's name adorned the signs of six properties on Manhattan's Upper West Side on Election Day 2016, but now it will be taken off all of them, reported the Washington Post.

The last building's owners voted 74.7 percent to remove the sign, while just 25.3 percent voted to keep the president's name on the property at 220 Riverside Boulevard, with 83 percent of all condo board members voting.

The announcement came one day after the condo board at 120 Riverside Boulevard decided to remove Trump's name from their building façade.

The decisions won't cost the Trump Organization any money, and the company still has the contract to manage 220 Riverside Boulevard.

However, the condo boards at those Manhattan properties decided to pay money to remove the president's name from their residential towers.

Three apartment buildings removed Trump's name just a week after the election.