Expect a ‘vicious and dishonest’ Trump campaign in 2020 in desperate attempt hold onto the Oval Office: Columnist
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

As President Donald Trump gears up for 2020, Washington Post writer Paul Waldman said that he will have little to offer voters this time around.

Waldman explained that Trump won't be able to sell false promises and a future full of hope since the past two years of his term has been filed with corruption and scandals.

"Right now, he's caught between things he said he'd do but can't, and the things he's already done that he can't promise to do again," he wrote.

He explained that Trump won't be able to set a new agenda on policies such as the economy, health care, and immigration.

"He is in a difficult spot for 2020 when it comes to his border wall since he now wants to argue both that we need a wall to stop the hordes of criminal aliens coming to kill us all and that he already built the wall and it’s fantastic," he wrote.

He noted that since the Democrats control the House, Trump is not expected to make any legislative progress and that he will not have anything to offer voters in 2020 except a vicious campaign.

"And it won’t just be negative; it’s likely to be the most vicious, underhanded, dishonest campaign any one of us has seen in our lifetimes," he said.

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