Trump mocked by House Dem for freaking out as Schiff hires ex-White House aides: 'They're not enslaved to his administration'
President Donald Trump said he still expected to hold a second summit with Kim Jong Un, after the pair signed a pledge on denuclearization of the Korean peninsula in Singapore last June. (AFP/File / Olivier Douliery)

On Thursday, Rep. Jackie Speier, a top House Democrat from California warned that President Donald Trump is itching for a fight while interviewing with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

According to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, Trump was "angry" after learning that House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff hired former White House staffers to conduct oversight.

Speier explained that hiring former staff members is completely normal and that Trump is just looking for trouble.

"Why do you think the president is worried about this move if they were career professionals working at the National Security Council?" Blitzer asked.

"It's not surprising that people would leave because they're not clear about what the leadership style is of those that they're working for," Speier said.

"I think he protests about everything," she said. "Everything annoys him now. They are not enslaved within the administration. If they have worked under a different administration and want to move to the legislative branch, it makes perfect sense."

She added, "We had lots of Obama staffers leave the White House and work in this type of setting. I think the president is just itching for another fight."

Watch below via CNN: