Rick Wilson destroys Trump staffers who haven't bailed already: 'His stink is on you and it won't wash off'
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

In an opinion article for The Washington Post, Republican political consultant Rick Wilson said that employees working for President Donald Trump have indefinitely tarnished their reputation.

He explained that former White House staffers trying to distance themselves from Trump won't be able to wash the "stink" of the administration off so easily. He also noted that they should be held equally responsible for the damage done to America.

Since Trump has been in office for two years, Wilson said that it is too late to get out clean.

"If, at this stage, you’re like former White House aide Cliff Sims, recently came out with a book about Trump’s discombobulated 'Team of Vipers' — but still telling interviewers how 'proud' you were to work for him — you’re too late," he wrote.

"If you’re former New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R), currently on the talk-show circuit, regaling us with tales of Trump’s hubris — mere weeks after interviewing for the White House chief of staff job — you’re too late," he said.

Wilson also called out acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), who only after a short stint is already looking for another job. He also called Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani "pathetic."

"History will remember you as an enabler, not a truth-teller," Wilson wrote. "If you were still employed by the president or tap dancing on his behalf at any time in recent months, his stink is on you, and it won’t wash off."

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