The View's Abby Huntsman happily agrees with Trump claims of 'no collusion' -- and gets soundly rejected
Abby Huntsman (ABC)

"The View" co-host Abby Huntsman readily agreed with Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the GOP chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who insisted his investigators had found no evidence of collusion.

The panel's ranking Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), cautioned that the investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia was far from over, but the president and other Republicans, including Huntsman, sided with Burr.

"We all have to wait for the Mueller investigation to come out, but they were looking for the same thing, and they said as of now there is no direct collusion between the president and Russia," Huntsman said. "My sense is, you have people that are expecting when the Mueller findings to come out him to be handcuffed and walked out of the White House. There are going to be a lot of people, I'm guessing, (who) will be underwhelmed by what comes out of the Mueller investigation."

Host Joy Behar reminded Huntsman that co-host Sunny Hostin had just laid out a damning list of 37 indictments or guilty pleas, four prison sentences, 199 criminal charges and six Trump campaign associates charged in the Mueller probe.

"She just gave you a list of circumstantial evidence against him, in addition to real testimony, so what do they need?" Behar said, and then mimicked a phone call. "'Hello, Vladimir, should we collude, baby?' What are they waiting for?"

Meghan McCain said many conservative explained away the evidence by pointing out that Trump had not yet been personally implicated, but she said the evidence was still troubling.

"I'm not a lawyer but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck," McCain said. "Just on a national security level, I have a problem with how cozy they were, specifically with the Don Jr. meeting with the Russian spy at Trump Tower to petition against the Magnitsky Act, which we all know is there to have safeguards so Russia can't use the West as a way to use their money as a slush fund."

McCain said another problem she has is that collusion is not technically a crime, but Behar and Hostin reminded her that conspiracy can be a crime.

"When the Senate came out and said there's no direct evidence -- guess what, Senate, I've proven many a case with just circumstantial evidence," said Hostin a former prosecutor.