Authoritarian expert blows up on new report of Kushner security clearance scandal: 'Get that crime family out of the White House'
Sarah Kendzior on AM Joy -- screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC's AM Joy, authoritarian expert Sarah Kendzior expressed frustration that she was having to once again address the fact that Jared Kushner was given a top security clearance despite concerns by intelligence officials.

After watching host Joy Reid show clips of Ivanka Trump lying that her father, President Donald Trump, had nothing to do with getting his son-in-law the right to state secrets, Kendzior had a few things to say.

"This is like the 12th time I've been on your show talking about Jared Kushner and the fact that he lied on his clearance forms, that he's done illicit dealings and giving away state secrets and he's a massive national security risk and so is Ivanka Trump," Kendzior began with her voice rising.

"The only way that we would be able to finally stop having this conversation on national TV is if he is indicted -- that is is what needs to be done." she continued. "This problem is enormous and it's going to persevere."

"Even if he is gone, he's carrying around this information, other people are carrying around classified information," she elaborated. "They do not have loyalty to this country, they have debt, they have financial interests, they have personal interests and this problem needs to be handled now."

"It is ridiculous that I appear on here as do others to have the same conversation again" she concluded. "Just indict Jared Kushner and indict Ivanka Trump and get this crime family out of the White House."

Watch the video below: