On Wednesday, senior writer for Rolling Stone, Alex Morris, explained why mental health experts have publicly voiced their concerns about President Donald Trump's mental health.

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, scrutinized Trump as unfit to lead the country due to his mental health after the president rage tweeted over the weekend.

"George Conway has been publicly trolling the president on Twitter, even questioning his mental health," CNN's Anderson Cooper said.

"Donald Trump is certainly not the first narcissistic president we've ever had, but it's a matter of degree," Morris said.

"There's a difference between the personality trait and an actual disorder," she added. "A lot of mental health professionals are coming out and saying this has crossed the line. This is a problem."

She explained that because of the Goldwater rule, mental health professional have said not to diagnose someone unless they are under their care.

"The American psychiatric association instituted the Goldwater rule which says that you shouldn't diagnose someone unless they're under your care and met with them specifically," she said.

"That really did keep a lot of mental health professionals quiet for a while. Then about a year or two ago, there started to be this tipping point where people said, 'as mental health professionals, we also have a duty to warn,'" she said.

"And over 70,000 signed a petition that Donald Trump is mentally ill and unfit for the presidency. So, obviously, there's a lot of people coming out and saying, never mind the Goldwater rule, I have this other duty and I'm going to stand by it," she said.

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