Distraught GOP consultant hints she may leave party after 'disgraceful' display by Trump and CPAC crowd
Susan Del Percio -- screenshot

A visibly rattled Republican strategist admitted on Sunday that she was deeply shaken by President Donald Trump's speech at CPAC -- and the response by the so-called conservatives attending the confab has her thinking she might abandon the GOP.

Echoing the sentiments of her colleague Rick Tyler on Saturday -- who said the Republican Party is no more -- Susan Del Percio scalded both the president and the attendees while speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt.

"What do you think about what he [Tyler] said there and how the president portrayed himself yesterday," host Witt asked after airing a clip of the GOP consultant gloomily describing the state of the party.

"I think Rick was absolutely right, Alex," Del Percio replied. "I don't think it was embarrassing -- I think it was an embarrassment. I don't think it was a speech, I think it was a rant and a disgraceful way for the president of the United States to handle himself."

"Rick is right about what he's done to the conservative movement -- it's been completely hijacked," she continued. "I blame the people in that crowd because they would rather be entertained than face hard realities and face the fact that they have sold themselves out to the great entertainer of our political times. That's all they have done, they are doing nothing to move forward policies that matter, for us to be taken seriously as a party."

"I'm fortunate enough that I have some, actually prominent Democrats saying, 'Please don't leave the party yet. I know you're ready to go but we need solid Republicans like yourself to move forward'," she added.

"Can the Republican Party as we knew it in the past move forward?" Witt asked.

"I disagree," Del Percio lamented. "I think it's going to take a time where we face a disaster in our country. whether it be a natural disaster, financial disaster, or a terrorist attack. It's something that requires strong leadership and real policies and things to help us go forward as a nation -- that's really unfortunate. But for now Tump does own the party."

"God, I hope you're not right, "the MSNBC host replied.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: