'Inhumane and immoral': Republican analyst tells Lindsey Graham it's time to stand up for John McCain
Lindsey Graham appears on CBS "60 Minutes" (Photo: screen capture)

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro went off the rails during a panel discussion with CNN's Anderson Cooper. Navarro said that Trump's attacks on the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ) are just "disgusting."

"Do you think this is appropriate and do you think there's a strategy behind it?" Cooper asked.

"The president's style is when he is attacked, he will punch back," Republican strategist Adolfo Franco said.

"I understand the whole counterpunching thing which is a line we heard a lot from the president. He's punching at a person who is dead. He is punching at a person that can't fight back," Cooper said.

Navarro, who worked as an advisor to McCain and was a close friend, said that everybody should condemn Trump's behavior.

"It's not okay to attack a dying man who had a terminal disease. It's less okay to attack a dead national hero. Somebody that is still being mourned. His kids are mourning him and his grandkids are mourning him," she said.

"People like Lindsey Graham,cannot condemn Donald Trump for these continued attacks on our dead friend and dead statesman, a national hero. Because we cannot normalize and we cannot accept this kind of behavior from the president of the United States. While some of his sons are still serving under his command," she said.

"It is inhumane and immoral and everybody should condemn it. I don't care if you support Donald Trump or don't support Donald Trump. I don't care if you like John McCain or couldn't stand John McCain. He is attacking a dead national hero and that is plain disgusting," she said.

Franco was struggling to response and Navarro  said, "Don't justify this."

Watch below via CNN: