Jill Stein has now 'fully cooperated' in Senate's Russia probe -- after pushing back against document requests
Jill Stein (YouTube)

Jill Stein has fully complied with congressional investigators examining Kremlin efforts to interfere with the 2016 election, after months of pushing back against document requests.

A spokesman for the Green Party candidate had in late 2017 and early 2018 protested Senate intelligence committee requests for documents related to her campaign, but her legal team objected to questions about her communications with Russians, reported The Daily Beast.

Stein's legal team complained the request was too vague and ambiguous, and that some of that evidence was constitutionally protected.

But new legal filings show her campaign has paid lawyers representing her in the Russia investigation as recently as December, and her spokesman said the campaign had "fully cooperated" with Senate investigators, which a source familiar with the probe confirmed.

Stein shared a table in December 2015 with Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn at a gala for the Russian state TV network RT, which aired a Green Party debate and heavily promoted her candidacy in English-language broadcasts.

Cybersecurity experts also told Senate investigators that her campaign got a boost from Russian bots linked to the Internet Research Agency troll farm, which was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.