'Paul Ryan did nothing': CNN analyst explains how the GOP 'dropped the ball on oversight'
Paul Ryan speaks to Fox News (screengrab)

On Monday, CNN's Gloria Borger fact-checked conservative contributor Rob Astorino over a new House probe into the president.

The House Judiciary Committee opened an expansive investigation into several areas of President Trump's life.

Astorino argued that "In America, we investigated crimes not people" and said that investigations into Trump are unfair.

Borger then listed all the potential crimes that Trump has committed.

"This is a person who might have had dealings with Russia in order to get Trump Tower Moscow," she said. "This is a person who apparently signed off on probably illegal payments to ex-girlfriends to keep people from learning about it right before the election. This is a person who has threatened Robert Mueller in public, who has threatened Jim Comey in public, who has threatened Michael Cohen in public."

She added, "All things looking like obstruction of justice. This person does a lot of really shady-looking things."

She then said Democrats are only enforcing oversight because the Republicans failed to.

"Of course, there's always a risk. The reasons this feels radical to us is that Paul Ryan did nothing. The Senate has done nothing. Republicans have dropped the ball on oversight. Maybe there would only be 13 people subpoenaed or sent letters if the Republicans had done some kind of oversight on all the things that have come up before. It seems like a lot, because, for two years, these people were supine."

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