Republicans are on a losing streak because of Trump: Conservative columnist
President Donald Trump speaking to reporters in the White House (screengrab).

On Thursday, conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin explained that Republicans should be tired of losing by now because of President Donald Trump.

Since Trump became president the GOP has faced defeat after defeat. She explained that they lost The House majority and failed to bring Trump's border wall promise to life.

"They lost public support on the tax cut," Rubin wrote. "They have lost the climate-change argument with the public. They lost the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. So much losing."

"He talks and tweets and blames others. However, he is president, and he has shown time and again that the job is beyond him," she added.

She explained that all of Trump's failures might cost him his reelection bid in 2020. It was reported that Trump is betting on 2020 solely to avoid going to jail over all of his legal scandals and corruption.

Rubin said, "This is a serious problem for a president who thinks he needs to be reelected to avoid indictment. (Even — God forbid — after a second term, state indictments can proceed and not all statutes of limitations on federal crimes will have run out. He can run, but he cannot permanently hide from the law.)"

She said the only good thing that has happened under Trump is the state of the economy is still fair.

"The sole reason that Trump is hanging in there — other than Fox News and the rest of the right-wing propaganda machine — is the economy. If that slows this year or next, which many economists expect, there’s no telling how quickly big donors will abandon him," she said.

Trump's losing streak is evident and his 2020 opponents will use it their advantage.

"Trump’s 2020 opponents have a more devastating critique: He’s a loser, temperamentally and intellectually unfit from the start and incapable of learning on the job. It’s a powerful political argument against someone who depends on the image of toughness, and it has the benefit of being true," she wrote.

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