Rick Wilson burns GOP 'chickensh*t' lawmakers to the ground for gutless silence as Trump smears McCain
Lindsey Graham speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Republican political consultant Rick Wilson railed against the GOP's failures to condemn President Donald Trump after he attacked the late Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

He said that Republicans have yet again failed an easy test.

"It’s an easy test: as elected leaders, as Republicans, as conservatives, as Americans, this was a moment to honor McCain and to call out the president by name for failing to do so," he wrote in The Daily Beast. "Party loyalty isn’t a suicide pact… or is it?"

He noted that only a few Republicans such as Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) spoke out directly against Trump, but that it wasn't enough.

"The rest of the Republican Senate caucus, men and women who served with John McCain, in some cases for decades, did nothing better than vague mumblings," Wilson wrote.

He demanded the GOP answer if they have any dignity, honor, or loyalty left. He then called the GOP in his headline as "chickensh*it."

"Silence or soft words amount to a defense of a President who cheated the draft to avoid service in Vietnam as he belittles and dishonors a man, no longer alive to respond for himself, who volunteered for both service and combat, flew from the heaving decks of aircraft carriers to bomb enemy targets and was shot down, captured, and tortured beyond imagination," he said.

He even provided examples on how they could have condemn the Trump.

"John McCain was an American hero with more courage and decency than you will ever have. You are wrong and your behavior is despicable, Mr. President. For the good of the country, please shut the f*ck up," he wrote.

He said that Republicans are far from acting like leaders.

"You ran that first race, whether it was for Congress or the county commission or dog catcher and you sit in Congress or the Senate, but now act as if you’re a junior manager at a third-tier Trump golf resort," he said.

He concluded that history will remember them as nothing but cowards.

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