Senior Democrat links Kushner's secretive Whatsapp to previous plan to set up back-channel communications with Kremlin
Composite image of Jared Kushner and Vladimir Putin (screengrabs)

Appearing with CNN's Erin Burnett, a Democratic House Judiciary Committee member lashed out at White House adviser Jared Kushner for using an unsecured app that eliminates messages -- saying it was reminiscent of reports that Kushner tried to set up a secret back-channel with the Kremlin after the 2016 election.

Asked about the latest report, which Kushner's own lawyer confirmed, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) called the news very concerning and suspicious.

"This is very likely a violation of the Presidential Records Act," Cicilline explained. "We should remember Jared Kushner was alleged to have attempted to set up a back-channel communications with the Russians during the transition, if you remember that reporting."

"Both Jared and Ivanka [Trump] were denied -- or serious questions were raised -- by intelligence and law enforcement about their security clearance. The president overruled those objections and directed they be given and then lied about it."

"This is very concerning -- not only is it potentially a violation of the Records Act but also raises questions what is he communicating about, and why does it need to be kept a secret?" he continued. "What are these communications about, and why is he concerned they not be shared in normal communication channels? The Oversight Committee has to figure out what's going on and make sure this practice ends and make sure the national security of the united states has not been compromised in this process."

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