SNL's Weekend Update pounds Manafort's 4-year sentence: 'It's like he's being sent to college with his friends'
SNL's Michael Che -- screenshot

Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" hosts were all over the slap on the wrist sentence given to President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, saying he'll be sent to a white man's prison that is the equivalent to being sent to college for four years.

According to host Colin Jost, "Well, here's how bad Donald Trump's presidency is going. His campaign manager was just sentenced to four years in prison. And for Trump that is good news."

"Paul Manafort, who looks like he was born divorced, faced up to 24 years in prison, but got only four years, probably in a minimum security white collar prison with a bunch of his friends," he added. "The guy stole over $50 million and basically got sent to college."

Smacking the judge who said Manafort lived a "blameless life," Jost said, "How can you say blameless life when he is being sentenced next week, And it's for a crime he committed while on house arrest for another crime?"

Watch the video below: