Trump went nuts at CPAC because he’s ‘unnerved’ by House Dems looking at his family’s crimes: CNN’s Lockhart
Donald Trump gives an interview (Photo: Screenshot)

CNN's Joe Lockhart on Monday said President Donald Trump's angry, rambling speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee showed that he is scared of the multiple probes being launched by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

In particular, Lockhart said the president had to be nervous that congressional investigators aren't limited in their scope as special counsel Robert Mueller has been.

"I think there's a reason that he gave that sort of unhinged speech," Lockhart explained. "One of the headlines out of the weekend from Nadler and Schiff is: There are no red lines. They're going to go after everything, including his family. And I think that has him unnerved."

Mueller was charged specifically with investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and with whether Trump tried to obstruct justice by undermining law enforcement officials' efforts to figure out what happened.

House Democrats, on the other hand, are free to investigate Trump's finances and to look into potential other crimes that are outside the scope of Mueller's work.

"It's a reflection of just how nervous he is," Lockhart said. "It very much reflects the trouble he thinks he's in."

Watch the video below.