Al Jazeera reporter wipes the floor with 2020 Trump adviser for 'gaslighting' Mueller report
President Trump participates in a roundtable discussion in Minnesota. (Screenshot/YouTube)

On Friday, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign adviser Marc Porter was slammed on-air for "gaslighting" Americans over special counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Al Jazeera reporter Mehdi Hasan called out Porter on his show "Upfront."

Hasan asked why Trump has not condemned the Russian government even after Mueller's report revealed that they interfered in the 2016 presidential election in  a "sweeping and systematic fashion."

"It's a process, how come no one is asking the Russian government about these things," Porter said.

He added that it was a "distraction" and that Trump was "exonerated."

Hasan ripped Trump for spending time attacking everybody else such as Democrats and the media and not Russia. "He doesn't care," Hasan added.

The interview then went off the rails about Russia and Trump, and Porter said that Hanson's questions "were not fair."

"You are cherry picking from the report," Hasan said.

"You're twisting my words," Porter said.

Hasan then called out Porter for "gaslighting."

"Please don't gaslight our viewers," Hasan said.

Watch below: