Bill Maher 'Real Time' panel burns Bill Barr to the ground for 'debasing himself for a seat at Donald Trump's table'
Bill Maher, Bob Costas, Rep. Adam Schiff -- HBO screenshot

During the Overtime segment of HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher and his panel tore into Attorney General Bill Barr for white-washing special counsel Robert Mueller's report in the service of Donald Trump.

CNN contributor John Avlon got the ball rolling by pointing that the Trump appointee was handed a summary of the Mueller report by the special counsel himself that he could have released, only to create one of his own that was more favorable to the president.

"Look, it is crystal clear that he [Barr] misled the people of America intentionally by putting forward the most positive spin on the report, "Avlon explained.

House Intel head Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) immediately jumped in to more bluntly criticize Barr than he normally does during his cable TV appearances.

"Why did Barr want the job?" Schiff posed rhetorically. "I marvel at so many people who are so willing to debase themselves for a seat at Donald Trump's table."

Schiff then went on to drag Rudy Giuliani for attaching himself to Trump, humorously adding that he once was going to tweet about the former New York City mayor debasing himself too by associating himself with the president-- only to be told by staffers that Giuliani debased himself years ago.

Watch the video below: