CNN's John Avlon unearths 'buried ledes' in the Mueller report you may have missed
CNN's John Avlon debunks lies told by President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

CNN's John Avlon on Tuesday did a "Reality Check" segment in which he zeroed in on "buried ledes" hidden within special counsel Robert Mueller's report that have so far not gained much attention from the news media.

Among other things, Avlon says the Mueller report showed that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange knowingly promoted a false conspiracy theory about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich as a way to cover up the Russian government's involvement in sending him information. Mueller also found that the Russians were successful in hacking into an election database in Florida, which he said "raises a lot more questions" about why Trump's administration hasn't been more forthcoming about information surrounding the Russian hacks.

Avlon also says that there are lots of holes in the Mueller report, including the role that Trump-backing data company Cambridge Analytica may have played in coordinating with WikiLeaks to distribute hacked material. The Mueller report is also notably silent, Avlon argues, on the "Trump-Moscow money trail" and whether Trump's business dealings have left him open to being compromised by Russian intelligence.

Avlon says it's possible that these matters have been farmed out to other prosecutors -- and if they haven't been, he argues, then House Democrats will almost certainly pick them up in the coming weeks.

Watch the video below.