Conservative ties Trump to latest synagogue shooting: 'He won't do anything -- he's making things worse'
President Donald Trump wears a "Make America Great Again" hat at a golf tournament held at one of his properties. (Image via Saul Loeb/AFP.)

During a panel discussion on MSNBC's "AM Joy" on the synagogue shooting in San Diego, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin decried the rise of anti-Semitism -- as well as other attacks by white supremacists -- and attributed them to the rise of President Donald Trump.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, the Washington Post columnist said no one should expect Trump to do anything about it.

"He is so obsessed with Muslim --or rather radical Islamic terrorism -- that he has set up all of these nonsensical provisions like the Muslim ban and he is really ignoring the core issue here," Rubin explained.

'I think it's undeniable that when he himself talks about being a nationalist, when he says in this language of xenophobia and hated about immigrants, this emboldens people," she continued. "This gives people who have these views confirmation that they are not outside the mainstream, that they are perfectly accepted in American society -- that has to end."

"He is not going to help, he's making things worse," she concluded.

Watch the video below: