Ex-Republican 'disgusted' at GOP response to Mueller's report
FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies during a House Appropriations Committee hearing on the FBI Budget, on Capitol Hill on March 19, 2013 in Washington, D.C. (UPI/Kevin Dietsch via Creative Commons)

On Monday, conservative writer Max Boot slammed the GOP over their collective response to special counsel Robert Mueller's report in a column for The Washington Post. 

He said that the reaction from Republicans was "dishonorable and dishonest."

"I am not remotely surprised by the party’s dishonorable and dishonest reaction to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report. But I am nevertheless dismayed and disgusted that a once-great party — to which I belonged for most of my life — could become a handmaiden to foreign attacks on the United States and blatant lawbreaking by the president," Boot wrote.

Mueller's nearly 400-page report revealed that Trump did not criminally conspire with Russia, however, left major room to suggest that he might have obstructed justice.

"Mueller uncovered not only extensive connections between the Trump campaign and Russia but also extensive evidence of lying and obstruction of justice by the president," he said.

He explained that Republicans are absurd for believing that Trump is innocent.

"Yet the president’s cultists reacted as if the special counsel had anointed him as the second coming of “Honest Abe” Lincoln," he said.

Boot added, "This is how morally bankrupt people talk. If a latter-day Diogenes were wandering around Washington, lamp in hand, looking for an honest Republican — well, he would be in for a looooong walk."

Read the full op-ed here.