George Conway mocks Barr's plan to redact the hell out of the Mueller report -- then brutally drops the mic on a Trump defender
George Conway is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway (screengrab)

The husband of senior Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was on Twitter again on Sunday morning v creating more havoc for his wife at her job by urging for an unredacted Robert Mueller report from Attorney General Bill Barr.

Along the way, conservative attorney George Conway brutally smacked down a defender of the president -- who is not his wife -- with a harsh and hilarious comeback

Noting the Washington Post is promoting the sale of the complete report compiled by the special counsel after Barr releases it, the Conway suggested the whole thing might be one big redaction to protect the president.

You can see those tweets below:

Conway followed up with a play on the WaPo's slogan, "Democracy dies in Darkness."

But he wasn't done, as one conservative Twitter follower fired back at him, writing, "Why do you pay to get lied to? I read that garbage just to stay abreast of what all the mainstream propaganda rags are pushing but would never willingly give any of them a dime."

Conway shot right back with the perfect response which included yet another blast of mockery at Trump -- which you can see below: