The internet ridicules Trump’s panicky tweets ahead of Mueller report: ‘You seem worried for an innocent man’
President Donald Trump. (Isac Nóbrega/PR)

Hours before the release of a report he insists will exonerate him, President Donald Trump started the day by tweeting out some familiar catchphrases attacking the investigation.

Attorney General William Barr will give a news conference Thursday morning to outline redacted findings from special counsel Robert Mueller's report, which he'll release a couple of hours later, after the White House issues a rebuttal based on secret briefings by the Department of Justice.

Ahead of all that, the president renewed his attacks on the investigation.

Other social media users noticed the president's tweet didn't necessarily comport with the actions of an exonerated man.

The president followed up with another well-worn catchphrase 13 minutes later, and other Twitter users were similarly unimpressed.