‘We are not in kindergarten’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper rips Trump for making fun of the Secret Service director’s ears
CNN host Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN"s Anderson Cooper noted Monday night that amidst a tumultuous day of personnel changes in the Department of Homeland Security, several newsworthy reports have been relegated to the status of minor details in an avalanche of important developments.

"It's quite a day when multiple sources say the president of the United States told border agents to break the law and that's not the biggest story. That's just sort of a dash of color in a much larger story, but that is where we are tonight," he said. "We appear to be in the middle of what one senior official tells CNN is a 'near-systematic purge' at the Department of Homeland Security."

He continued: "DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is out, her deputy's been bypassed perhaps unlawfully by the naming of an acting successor. The director fo the Secret Service, which is part of DHS, has also been fired, two officials telling the New York Times that the president has been making fun of him lately, calling him 'Dumbo' because of the size of his ears. Consider that for a second. The president of the United States is reportedly making fun of a man charged with protecting him and his family because of the size of his ears. We are not in kindergarten."

Watch the clip below: