Outrage at cops in Louisville after video shows teen being ‘hunted down' because of the color of his skin

Civic leaders in Louisville, Kentucky, expressed their outrage this week over a traffic stop during which a black teen was frisked and handcuffed for a minor traffic violation, reports the Louisville Journal-Courier.

"We understand the violence, we understand the drugs," Sadiqa Reynolds, president and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, said. "But one fact remains, many of our children are innocent. Police need to find a better way."

Reynolds said she fought back tears when she watched the video.

Councilwoman Jessica Green told the Courier-Journal that she has asked Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad to appear before Metro Council.

The Courier Journal reported the initial story. The clip of the teenager was viewed a million times on YouTube. As Green put it, the video is proof that black people in Louisville are "hunted down because of the color of their skin and where they live."

Another Democratic lawmaker called for a stop to the stops but hedged in his criticism of the arresting officers because "they are doing what they are told to do."

"Stops like these are a bad idea," added. "It is morally wrong. It is like going fishing with a big net. There are better ways to fight violence."