Republicans are freaking out and calling Bill Barr's friends demanding they explain his behavior
Attorney General William Barr during a House hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Washington Post reporter revealed that Republicans have been calling Attorney General William Barr's friends demanding that they explain his behavior during his bombastic Congressional testimonies this week.

Robert Costa, a national political reporter for the Post and an MSNBC analyst, explained to a panel Thursday that his Republican sources have taken to calling Barr's friends and asking them "what's going on here, what explains his behavior?"

"Privately they're told, 'remember this is not a career prosecutor, this is someone who ran the [Justice Department] for Bush 41 but doesn't have a prosecutorial mindset,'" Costa revealed.

The reporter noted that Barr worked for the CIA with a focus on China — and people close to the attorney general have advised that he's likely "more interested in having scrutiny of the intelligence agencies than lining up as a traditional DOJ person on these issues."

Costa's revelation came after the attorney general told the Senate earlier in the week that the Obama DOJ may have been "spying" on the Trump campaign — a claim made repeatedly by President Donald Trump throughout his time in the White House.

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