Trump's Justice Department is holding up Mueller from testifying to Congress: report
DOJ photo of President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr in the Oval Office.

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that House Democrats are complaining that even though special counsel Robert Mueller is willing to testify to Congress about his report on Russian election interference, the Justice Department is refusing to set a date for it to take place.

The calls for both Mueller and Attorney General William Barr to testify have intensified following new reports that the special counsel called the attorney general and complained that his four-page summary of the report was misleading.

Even before this report, Barr was threatening to back out of a scheduled hearing, on the grounds that he opposed the setup of taking questions from House Democrats' hired counsel. That hearing is scheduled to take place on Thursday, and it is currently unclear whether Barr will keep the appointment. Democrats have suggested holding the hearing with an empty chair if he declines to show.

Barr made the determination in his summary that Trump was not legally culpable for obstruction of justice. In fact, Mueller found substantial evidence that the president corruptly sought to undermine the investigation, and intended Congress to make its own decision whether or not to impeach based on the information in the report.