CNN hosts grill WikiLeaks editor on details of Assange arrest
John Berman and Alisyn Camerota (Image credit: CNN)

On Thursday, CNN "New Day" hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota talked to WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson about the arrest of founder Julian Assange.

"I think this is an outrageous thing, but we have been warning this would happen for years now," said Hrafnsson. "We knew that there was a secret sealed indictment that now has come forth, an indictment for — for basically doing what journalists should be doing, that is publishing truthful information."

"And how do you know this isn't connected to the 2016 Russian hack of the DNC computers?" asked Camerota.

"According to the information from Julian's lawyers who have talked to him, this is pertaining to the publications of Wikileaks in 2010 which exposed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and that is not a crime, that is journalism," said Hrafnsson.

"Let me ask you this, the United States says that Russia gave Wikileaks, gave Julian Assange stolen documents," said Berman. "Is that true?"

"No," said Hrafnsson.

"The federal government says that Wikileaks was given stolen documents by Russian intelligence essentially," Berman pressed him. "If you didn't get those documents from them, where did you get it from?"

Hrafnsson refused to answer, only saying that Assange "said the source of the documents that were published in 2016 were not from a state actor and was not from a Russian. As far as we know."

"Did he communicate with Roger Stone or anyone in the Trump campaign about those?" asked Camerota.

"I mean, it has been published and it has been widely noted that — that Roger Stone exaggerated the connection he had with Julian Assange," said Hrafnsson.

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