Watch Kellyanne Conway repeatedly duck questions over whether Trump demanded Mueller be fired
Kellyanne Conway -- ABC screenshot

Appearing on ABC on Sunday morning, advisor to the president Kellyanne Conway refused repeated requests from host Martha Raddatz about whether Donald Trump lied about wanting to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

After Raddatz citied information from the Mueller report and from the New York Times on interactions between the president and White House counsel Don McGahn, Raddatz pressed Conway if it was true that McGahn told the president he would not fire Mueller.

Whining about the length of the question, Conway then deftly sidestepped it which led the ABC host to press her again.

“We are talking about what the president said,” Raddatz pressed. “He called it 'fake news.' He said he did not try to have Mueller removed. That’s not true.”

“The Mueller report itself says that there is no interference,” Conway shot back.

“I just read to you about the Mueller report,” the ABC host insisted.

“If the president wanted to fire Bob Mueller he would have. In other words he has the authority to do that,” Conway snapped, never directly answering the question

Watch the video below: