Andrew Napolitano is losing airtime on Fox News after criticizing Trump
Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano. (Screenshot)

Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano  is losing airtime on the network after criticizing President Donald Trump.

Napolitano scrutinized Trump over the Mueller report and consistently called him "immoral."

"Napolitano’s airtime has slipped in recent months — he had 123 appearances on Fox News and Fox Business for the last eight weeks, an 18 percent drop from the same period last year (when he appeared 150 times)," according to a report from The Wrap.

A source told The Wrap that the network does not have current plans to boot Napolitano.

“He is a completely beloved figure in the building. He is a mentor for young people. He has forged tremendously close relationships with people,” the network insider said. “Judge Napolitano will be around a lot longer than Donald Trump will be.”

A Fox News insider told The Wrap that “it was no coincidence that the judge was rarely seen these days on primetime,” where opinion hosts regularly defend the president and invite pro-Trump guests onto their show.

He called his career path an "occupational hazard" during a radio interview with Joe Piscopo.

“It’s just an occupational hazard. “If you don’t have thick skin over here, go get another job, go teach," he said.