Giuliani has already ‘committed a crime’ by asking Ukraine for help going after Biden: Democratic adviser
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Fox News (screengrab)

Donald Trump consigliere Rudy Giuliani has already committed a crime with his attempt to get the Ukrainian government to intervene in America's 2020 presidential election to help re-election the president.

"After escaping the Mueller investigation with no direct criminal charges related to conspiracy with Russians or obstruction, the emboldened Trump White House has stonewalled House Democratic investigations at just about every turn," MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes explained. "Refusing to turn over a single White House document, refusing to allow key witnesses to testify and refusing to release the president’s tax returns -- despite a very clearly worded law calling for them to do so."

For analysis, Hayes interviewed Philippe Reines, a longtime Hillary Clinton advisor who served as deputy assistant Secretary of State.

"You hit the nail on the head when you said Donald Trump and his kids and campaign and his minions escaped and are emboldened," Reines said. "I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know the willing distinction between what they did in Trump Tower and other things in 2016, but they committed moral and ethical treason against the United States."

"Frankly, Rudy is just another one of the president’s crazy lawyers who lost his mind, he is clearly thinking he is speaking on behalf of the United States," he argued.

"The chutzpah of it, when Trump has been running around for 24-hours saying John Kerry, the former Secretary of State, should be imprisoned for violating the Logan Act because he no longer represents the United States," he continued.

The threat isn't limited to Russia and Ukraine intervening in America's elections.

"You got people in China right now and North Korea in and Iran who are hearing this and they are at their keyboards saying that we can do whatever we want," he noted.

Reines, following his experience in 2016, offered a dire warning for Democrats.

"This is another abuse of power and my fear is that the Democratic Party will not do anything about it," Reines said.

"They will put all our eggs in the basket of election day a year and a half from and the day after, we will be like it’s not fair, he had help from the Ukraine. Yeah. We are seeing it happen," he suggested. "We watched it happen in 2016 and did nothing about it. We are on the verge of being guilty of watching it in 2020 and not doing anything about it."

Reines argued that asking Ukraine for help, in itself, was illegal.

Giuliani "already committed a crime against the United States," Reines declared.