House Judiciary Dem demands immediate Trump impeachment hearings in devastating attack: 'Enough is enough'
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

Appearing on CNN on Thursday afternoon - Rep. Madeline Dean (D-PA) - who sits on the House Judiciary Committee made an impassioned plea to her colleagues to open impeachment hearings immediately, saying "enough is enough" after Trump continued to say there was nothing in special counsel Robert Mueller's report that showed he committed any wrongdoing.

Speaking with host Brianna Keilar, Dean attacked the president and said there was no reason to delay opening hearings because Trump will never comply with the multiple House- issued subpoenas by Democrats attempting to provide oversight.

"I was pleased that he [Mueller] spoke, and what stood out to me was that he chose to speak," Dean explained. "I believe that if he did not see any Attorney General Barr and all the people around this president, including this president, covering up what actually happened and lying about the contents of this report, that he could have gone quietly into his private life to me speaks volumes."

Adding, "There is ample evidence that the president obstructed justice. Now Congress, it is up to you," the lawmaker then went after Trump.

"I'm a member of the Judiciary Committee and I prize that duty and that role to do both substantive legislation but also the important duties of oversight," she continued. "And so you saw the stonewalling and the obstructing of our oversight capacity by this administration directly by this president and his attorney general and personal counsel."

"So when lawful subpoenas to Attorney General [William] Barr for documentation and his presence and testimony were stonewalled and ignored, when lawful subpoenas for [ex-White House attorney Don] McGahn's documents and testimony before our committee were again stonewalled and obstructed, enough is enough," she insisted.

"I don't think that we, as the front line in the work of oversight in the Judiciary Committee could just idly sit by and allow lawful subpoena after lawful subpoena ignored and we do have to uphold the rule of law," she added. "I believe we should open an impeachment inquiry."

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