Prosecutors just released the transcript of a suspicious voicemail Trump's attorney left for Mike Flynn's lawyer
Trump lawyer John Dowd (Photo: Emory University)

Federal prosecutors released a transcript of a key voicemail message left by Donald Trump's then-attorney John Dowd.

The voicemail message was left with an attorney for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow described leaving the message as obstruction of justice.

“And in the Mueller report, this is sort of a particularly mafia-esque episode in Mueller’s report. I mean this is literally the part where Flynn is about to cooperate, right? He pulls out of the joint defense agreement, it’s pretty clear he’s about to plead guilty. He’s about to start cooperating. And he in the dead of night gets the warning from the president’s goon squad letting Mike Flynn know if he’s thinking about cooperating you know what, Mike, here’s what you might want to keep in mind,” she reported.

“And I mean just a little personal aside here, how is the president not being impeached for obstruction of justice right now?” Maddow wondered. “I mean, that episode alone.”