Rudy Giuliani joining Trump's re-election campaign as a calming influence
(Photo: By mark reinstein/Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump's personal attorney is expected to join the 2020 re-election campaign, in spite of his cringe-inducing TV meltdowns.

A White House staffer complained in January that "Rudy's f*ck-ups" often take more than one person to clean up, but Trump may bring him on board as a calming presence and political liaison, reported Politico.

“The president is most effective when he’s in a great mood and he’s having fun on the campaign trail and Rudy adds to that,” said a Trump campaign adviser, who admits Giuliani can also create a lot of problems. “I think he has the potential to be very effective in certain circumstances. He also has the potential to be unhelpful at times.”

Giuliani -- who says Trump calls him "my Rudy" -- speaks to the president two to three times a week and visits the White House twice a month, and he frequently appears on TV to defend Trump from various investigations.

He's expected to meet in the coming weeks to discuss reprising his "jack-of-all-trades" role he played in 2016, when he helped senior aides come up with policy ideas, chatted frequently with Trump and made freewheeling public appearances.

“I imagine not all of Rudy’s ideas are brilliant ones," said longtime Trump adviser Michael Caputo, "but the vast majority are and I’ll take the good with the bad."

Trump advisers agree Giuliani brings a mixed bag of skills, but they said he's worth the trouble.

“I think he can be a great warm-up act,” said a Trump campaign adviser. “Having him on the plane is a great idea. As a core messenger he can get sloppy with details and also leave a lot of shrapnel on the ground.”

Another close adviser agrees.

“We view him as a necessary component to the overall picture, because there are frequently messages that the president absolutely needs and wants to get out and he serves that role ably and cheerfully,” that source said. “That’s the best way to characterize him. If there wasn’t a Rudy Giuliani, we’d have to invent one.”