Trump's advisers want him to stop attacking Joe Biden -- because it's only helping the former veep with voters

According to a report at the Washington Post, White House advisers to Donald Trump are encouraging him -- sometimes to no avail -- to make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the main subject of his ire and not former Vice President Joe Biden.

The reason? They fear Trump's attacks on Biden enhances his run to be the Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election.

In a deep dive into how both Trump's people and Pelosi's advisers view the battle between the two figureheads of their parties is going -- both claim they are coming out ahead -- comes news that close advisers to the president prefer talking about Pelosi than Biden because they don't want to give his fledgling campaign more oxygen.

Those same aides also want the president to hold his fire on other Democratic presidential contenders, with the Post reporting, "White House aides also said it was better for Trump to be fighting with Pelosi than former vice president Joe Biden or other 2020 candidates, as the president has done recently, elevating their status."

Despite their entreaties, Trump has continued to attack Biden on Twitter while attending meetings in Japan, which has received blowback from foreign policy observers calling it inappropriate and unpresidential.

Addressing Trump's fight with House speaker, the Post notes, "Pelosi’s allies said her taunting of Trump now is intentional, designed to get under his skin and elicit an angry reaction, according to officials close to her who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations. She contended that his resistance to investigations was to goad her members to back impeachment, which would undermine her party. "