Twitter eviscerates Christian blogger for his idiotic argument why 12-year-old rape victims shouldn't be allowed abortions
Matt Walsh (CBN/screen grab)

On Wednesday, Alabama Republicans signed into law their bill to ban all abortions and jail doctors who perform them for 99 years. The bill is so extreme that even fundamentalist talk show host Pat Robertson thinks it will set back the anti-abortion cause — and it has gathered particular attention and outrage because it includes no exceptions whatsoever for rape and incest.

But to Matt Walsh, a far-right Christian blogger who has written for Glenn Beck's The Blaze and Ben Shapiro's The Daily Wire, it's a good thing that a 12-year-old incest victim would be denied an abortion — because otherwise, her rapist father could just drag her to Planned Parenthood and destroy the evidence:

Walsh, who has previously claimed that men are "supposed to be leaders" on abortion law, was immediately scorched by Twitter users pointing out how insane his argument is: