British leader Boris Johnson admits he hung up on Donald Trump
Boris Johnson (Youtube)

In an interview with The Sun, former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he hung on Donald Trump while the president was visiting the U.K.

According to Johnson, he thought it was a prank and hung up the phone.

"The person had a mild Irish accent and said, ‘This is the No 10 switchboard, we have got the president of the United States for you. I am just going to patch you through to the White House situation room,’” Johnson explained.

“Thinking quickly as I do, I said, ‘To all our listeners on Radio Kilkenny, I was not fooled for an instant,” he added.

According to the British leader who may be next in line to become prime minister, he hung up and called No 10, to be told that "it was the president.”

Johnson said that he did eventually speak with Trump, and confirmed that he did pass on a chance to meet with the American president during his recently concluded trip.