CNN panel ridicules Trump's photo-op diplomacy with Kim Jong-un: All we got 'was pictures'
Trump/Kim Jong-un -- AFP

During a CNN discussion on President Donald Trump's meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un early Sunday morning, host Victor Blackwell and contributor April Ryan were skeptical that anything would come of it -- saying it was just done for the public relations benefit for both leaders in their home countries.

Noting the intelligence officials told her that Trump looked weak, "chasing" after the North Korean leader, Ryan offered her own assessment of the meet-up.

"This president has his own reality," Ryan began. "President Obama really looked to diplomacy and trying to work it out with Kim Jong-un the best way he could. I'm not saying he did the right thing or the wrong thing, but each administration that I've seen over the last 22 years has dealt with North Korea in a different way than this president deals with it."

"If you stand off and not meet with Kim Jong-un, what happens? If you meet with Kim Jong-un, what happens?" she asked, before concluding, "So we're still at a stand-still. Nothing has happened yet, we just got pictures. we need to see some substance."

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