CNN's Brooke Baldwin stunned that Trump fans don't care how many women accuse him of assault
CNN's Brooke Baldwin (Screen cap).

CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Monday expressed astonishment that journalist E. Jean Carroll's rape allegations against President Donald Trump haven't gotten more attention.

During a discussion with CNN's Gloria Borger, Baldwin broke down how a shocking number of women have made allegations of sexual misconduct against the president, who was also caught on camera bragging about sexually assaulting women in the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape from 2006.

Baldwin then asked Borger why so many conservatives who were eager to hear out women who accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct were turning a blind eye to Trump's accusers.

"They don't believe her," Borger replied. "I think if they went out there and supported Donald Trump during the last election... that they're now in a way sort of boxed in."

Borger also said that these accusations against the president are now getting stale because voters have heard them "many times before" and they've been told "by different women many times before."

"If you dismissed it in 2016 and said, 'Well, that was Donald Trump 20, 30 years ago and he's a changed man,' then you're going to believe him now," Borger explained.

Given all this, Borger said that "there's kind of a shrug" from Trump supporters when yet another woman comes out and accuses the president of sexual assault.

Watch the video below.