George Conway warns Nikki Haley about replacing Pence on GOP’s 2020 ticket without vetting the rape allegations against Trump
Composite image of Nikki Haley (Women in the World) and Donald Trump (screengrab)

The husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway warned former Ambassador Nikki Haley against running for vice president on Donald Trump's ticket in 2020.

There has been speculation that Trump could replace Vice President Mike Pence on the ticket as a way to shore up poor poll numbers.

Republican strategist Amanda Carpenter downplayed the notion that a substitution would be successful.

"If you think putting Nikki Haley on a ticket with Donald Trump will solve his problems with women voters, you don’t understand the problems women voters have with Donald Trump," Carpenter explained.

George Conway retweeted Carpenter, offering his advice.

"And before Amb. Haley ever signs on to a ticket with Trump, it would behoove her to do some vetting of her own first," Conway wrote.

There are a score of women she should meet with—starting with E. Jean Carroll," he suggested.

On Saturday, The Washington Post published an op-ed by Conway urging the Republican Party to take seriously the "credible" allegation by Carroll.