House Democrats frustrated that networks dropped John Dean for NYC crash: ‘I wish cable was covering it’
John Dean served as White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon.

House Democrats conceded that John Dean's blockbuster testimony instead went straight to video.

The Watergate star witness testified before the House Judiciary Committee for four hours about Robert Mueller's findings on alleged obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump, but the hearings didn't get the TV coverage Democrats had hoped, reported The Daily Beast.

“It should have been on CNN and MSNBC and Fox,” complained Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN). “For whatever reason they didn’t choose to do it. CSPAN-3 ran it, and I understand at 3:30 they switched to a helicopter crash in New York.”

Democrats understand that most Americans still are unfamiliar with Mueller's findings, and they're concerned that Attorney General William Barr's initial summary has already tainted the evidence gathered by the special counsel's investigation.

They hoped Dean -- who famously helped Americans understand Richard Nixon's criminality -- would help bring Mueller's report to life, but realize they need figures from Trump's inner circle to help put this president's wrongdoing under the spotlight.

“We’d love to have testimony from Don McGahn, Bob Mueller, Hope Hicks, and the others,” said Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). “To the extent we can’t get them today, [testimony from Dean] was decent material that gave the American people some new information that perhaps they didn’t know, given the fact that most Americans have not read the Mueller report.”

Dean's testimony was just the beginning of a series of planned hearings intended to educate the public on Mueller's testimony, according to Democratic lawmakers.

“It is just good to hear real life truth being spoken,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). “I think there’s this subtext in the discussion of the Mueller report that obstruction of justice is some kind of technical event, and I think we destroyed that premise.”

Democrats said the hearing should have, at the very least, exposed how disinterested their Republican colleagues are in investigating alleged wrongdoing by a GOP president, with laughter frequently interrupting their attempts to trip up Dean with off-topic questions.

“Moments like these show how far up Trump’s ass today’s Republican Party is,” one Democratic aide said.

But they also admit it won't matter if no one saw it.

“I wish cable was covering it,” one aide to a Judiciary Committee member complained.