London mayor trolls Trump: He doesn’t deserve red-carpet treatment in Britain
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and US President Donald Trump inspect the honour guard during his visit to Windsor Castle in July 2018 POOL/AFP/File / Matt Dunham

London mayor Sadiq Khan slammed President Donald Trump on his second day in Britain.

The president attacked Khan as a "stone cold loser" shortly before arriving Monday morning in London, and Khan fired back the next day, reported the Independent.

“Donald Trump basically is the poster boy for the far right movement around the world," Khan said.

The mayor bashed Trump for pushing to ban travelers from some Muslim nations, and he said the president had inspired right-wing leaders in other countries.

“A number of things he has said and done is causing problems, people in France, Hungary, Italy, the UK," Khan said, "who are having their views which are abhorrent normalized and mainstreamed because some of the things Donald Trump has done.”

Khan warned that Trump and his right-wing allies were undoing gains made since World War II.

“In the last 70 years we have not had a war in mainstream Europe," he said, "so it does worry me that the right(-wing) part of politics is setting the agenda, but what worries me more is the fruits of this will be exploited by the far right, and these fruits are poisonous.”

He disagreed with prime minister Theresa May's invitation of the U.S. president.

”The red carpet is not an honor that should be bestowed on this president," he said.