Meghan McCain mystifies co-hosts by defending Trump with a bizarre Ebola rant: ‘It’s my No. 1 fear in life’
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain briefly derailed a conversation on "The View" about President Donald Trump humiliating his chief of staff during a TV interview.

The president ordered White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney out of the Oval Office after he coughed as Trump was speaking to ABC News, and McCain said she couldn't blame him.

"My No. 1 fear in life, in general, above all things, is getting the Ebola virus, above all else," McCain said. "It's my biggest fear in the entire world."

Her comment seemed to amuse co-host Joy Behar, who cracked a grin.

"Ebola virus?" Behar said. "Do they have that here?"

McCain grew alarmed at the memory.

"Yes, it's been here," she said. "Remember? I'll never forget. But I literally, anytime anyone starts coughing or whatever -- you know, we see it here. You can get all the hosts sick. We have been sick here at the same time. I am that person, I would probably make someone leave if they were, like -- I'm a germaphobe."