Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ time in the White House marks ‘the death of an institution’: CNN reporter
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders/ABC screen shot

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will step down at the end of the month in a series of tweets.

CNN reporter Abby Phillip explained that Sanders' departure must be met with analysis of her short term. She noted that while in the role, Sanders acted in unusual ways and broke the record for not holding press briefings. She said Sanders' tenure in the position marks the "death of an institution."

"I think we should point out that Sarah's job currently is to be the White House press secretary. And this is a White House that's not held a press briefing in 94 days that is by far, a record for any White House in recent history," she said.

Adding, "It really has marked something of a death of that institution in the United States government. So, I think as we mark her departure, we should also recognize that this has been something of an unprecedented tenure for a press secretary in an American White House."

Watch below via CNN: