Tom Cotton gets pounded for attempting to pin slavery on Kamala Harris: ‘You cannot be serious’
Tom Cotton appears on NBC (screen grab)

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) was the recipient of a flood of derision Thursday night after he tweeted some twisted history at Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and former Vice President Joe Biden during the Democratic debate.

According to the deeply conservative Cotton, "Joe Biden & Kamala Harris are helpfully reminding Americans that the Democrats were the party of slavery, secession, & segregation. By contrast, the Republican Party was founded on & has always stood for the natural equality of all men & women."

Twitter commenters almost did a universal eye-roll and were quick to disabuse the Republican lawmaker about his version of U.S. history, with one commenter sarcastically making the point: "Your last name symbolizes slavery and oppression."

Then it was on -- see below: